Cinnamon Mask for Lighter Hair. Great to Brighten Up and Leave your Hair Gleaming. Its Effects are Amazing!!

Sometimes we submit our hair to chemical processes trying to get it lighter risking all our work to have healthy natural hair. This time you have the opportunity to lighten your hair with a method that does not cause any secondary damage to your hair and comes from a completely natural product, CINNAMON! If you […]

Keep Strong and Healthy Hair with Deep treatments. Best 10 Deep Treatment Masque for Natural Hair that will change your hair Definitely.

Deep treatments are an essential part of the routine, but the vast majority of us usually miss it thinking it is an optional step. Deep treatment is extremely important and our hair is immensely grateful when we use it. We should apply deep treatments every week having in mind the difference between protein treatments and […]

Best DIY Aloe Vera Deep Conditioner for Dry Hair. Leaves your hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Deep conditioning with aloe vera gel can make your hair more manageable and even well-moisturized. Here is a quick aloe vera gel deep conditioning recipe with 2 simple ingredients, aloe vera gel, and extra virgin olive oil.   Why aloe vera gel? It stimulates growth by waking up the follicles, getting the blood flowing and […]