Best Moisturizing Method – Oil Rinse: What is it & Why you NEED to start doing it, Now!

What is an Oil Rinse?

Oil rinsing is a technique used to lock moisture in one’s hair while in the shower between shampooing and conditioning. It is very similar to the LOC method because it is based on the same principles of moisture sealing, except it is only done in the shower.

It is usually done with one of three oils—olive, coconut or avocado—because they penetrate the hair shaft.
The oil rinse has been compared to a hot oil treatment done in the shower.

I recommend you try this method since it has changed the way I moisturize my hair, giving it softness and movement.


Benefits of Oil Rinse

– Moisture retention

– Easier detangling

– Less single strand knots

– Eliminates frizz

– Leaves hair smoother & softer

– Natural shine


What Does It Do?

We all know the LOC Method is one of the best ways to moisturize even the driest of hair. But did you know the oil you use and in what order, in which you use it, really makes a difference.

Penetrative oils have the molecular structure that allows them to enter the hair. Since penetrating oils can enter the hair shaft they can also bind to water inside the hair.

There are only 3 oils that have been proven to absorb or penetrate into hair. These oils are coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. You can mix all three together, just two or use them separately. I like to mix olive oil and coconut oil for my hair.

Applying one of these three oils can help your hair hold on to water. It’s guaranteed to leave your hair soft and moisturize, without a weighed down feel.

The Oil Rinse is the best way to use oils in our hair since the application moment allows a perfect distribution of them and permanence during the other days of the week.


Oil Rinse Directions

After shampooing, apply a liberal amount of those hair penetrating oils mentioned before like olive or coconut oil, followed by your favorite conditioner. Let it sit for about 3 – 5 minutes using a plastic cap, detangle if needed and rinse with cool water.

Repeat as frequently as needed during the month. You can do it every washday. To get a better application you can use an applicator Bottle or an Oil Sprayer.

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Oil rinsing not only adds moisture, it also adds shine and makes detangling much easier for you.

So, here you have it the solution for that dry and tangled hair. This method is great because it helps to smooth your tresses and gives you an easier washday. Try this technic and you will never regret it.


Have you tried oil rinsing? Do you have something similar to oil rinsing on your routine?


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