10 Best Life-saving Tips to take GOOD CARE of Type 4 Hair.

Some type 4 girls complain a lot about not know what to do with their hair and the hard work it represents to maintain a healthy good looking naturally curly 4c hair. All these complaints are well based; type 4 hair can be one of the more complicated texture due to the small size of the curls, that gorgeous and impetuous hair can be frequently misunderstood.

But don’t worry girls, we can make our life a lot easier and happier if we domain and apply these tricks especially recommended for type 4 naturals.


Here you have 10 Great life-saving tips especially for naturally curly type 4 hair:


1. Wash your hair often or at least Water it! Water is a kinky girl’s best friend.

2. Don’t think negatively about your texture. Embrace it and your hair will love you for it.



3. Trim your hair regularly. Don’t dare to keep damaged ends, trimmed ends make styling easier.

4. Don’t use foaming shampoos with sulfates, neither too often nor too many shampoos in a wash (one shampoo per wash with this type of shampoos once or twice a month is fine). These type of shampoos dry kinky hair out and can result in breakage.

5. Deep condition every week. If you want healthy hair, don’t skip this step. Deep conditioning is an absolute must.



4C hair craves moisture, but don’t expect to achieve maximum moisture retention overnight. Moisture is a journey. You have to be consistent to achieve moisturized hair so I deep condition every week.

6. Don’t limit your styling because of your texture. Explore as many options as possible and have fun with your kinks.



7. Wash your hair with conditioners or creamy shampoos. This will give your hair the added moisture and slip needed for kinky textures.

8. Explore a stylish cut and shaping. This will give your kinks a completely new life.

9. Minimal manipulation is key for my hair to thrive. I am very gentle with my strands so I make sure to wash my hair in twists and finger detangle over 90% of the time. This has made a tremendous change on my ends.


10. Avoid drying products such as hard gels and daily styling. Typically, I will do a style that I know can last at least a week such as twists and updos.


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