3 Dangerous Mistakes Almost All New Naturals Make

If you’re new to the natural hair community, Welcome! If you have years in but still fell you are doing something wrong, Welcome too!

If you had some time thinking about this new begging, I’m sure you were a little hesitant, nervous and excited all at the same time for this new journey. You had to change it up and what better way than to join a community that is all about health, length and flawless styles for the hair we were born with.


You either decided to go bold with the big chop or take it slow and steady and transition from your relaxed hair, I’m sure you’ve been looking up countless Youtube videos, reading articles, and asking almost everyone you see with a gorgeous fro for advice.

You got in this game for the awesome rewards, results and relief jus your natural hair can give you and I know you want to do everything right.

If you could speed up the process of gaining the health and length you want, you would almost pay a really high price to do it. You know it takes time.

Right now, you are just trying to make sure you’re finding the right products that agree with the hair type/texture you think you have.

I’m here to tell you that everything you want out of your natural hair is possible. But it takes work, commitment and a bit of common sense.

As a newbie natural, to get the results you want even quicker than you think, avoid these common mistakes:



Why did you decide to go natural? Was it because your hair wasn’t growing? Had dry hair and split ends? Or did you want to catch the wave everyone is riding?

The “why” is important to think about because this is what fuels your endurance and helps you stay committed.

Because the subsequent question is: What are you going to do differently?

Natural hair is so different from relaxed hair that it’s impossible to use the same regimen/products that you were using before and expect better results just because you went natural. You are getting prepared for an adventure sista.

So what goals did you set for yourself? Are they realistic for you?

Understand that just because everyone seems to be joining the natural hair movement does not mean you have to.

So if you are going natural because your hair was not in the best health while it was relaxed, you will be very disappointed when you find that your natural hair is turning out the same way.

Only the strong, patient and committed naturals will survive. So make sure you’ve thought about that before you jumped the broom.



A naturalist’s hair journey is never-ending so don’t think you have to know all there is to know about natural hair. We discover new things about our hair constantly and it’s pretty exciting.

However, when you start you must know something about your hair. Otherwise, you are just blindly swinging a bat, hoping to hit that piñata prize of gorgeousness.

It’s not as easy as it looks. Remember that now you will be your own stylist. All the responsibility that was on your stylist is now on you and all the attention and love your hair need should come from you.


The basics:

What’s your hair type?

What’s your porosity level?

What’s your hair elasticity?

Just knowing the answer to those two questions can do wonders, and almost make you an expert overnight for how you choose products and manage your hair on a daily basis.

Click here to learn more about your hair type hide.



One big mistake every natural newbie makes is asking someone, “What do you use for your hair?” And then sprinting to a beauty supply to get the same stuff.

We are all unique and what works for your natural hair idol may not work for you. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because of one thing someone said works awesomely for their hair. Ask more than one person and you’ll probably hear a different product every time.

Guess what could happen?

Two words: Product overload.

If you’re taking advice from multiple naturalists and testing them all at the same time, you won’t know what is really working for you. It could be just one or two products that are making the difference with your hair but you won’t even know it.

Do some research! Test one at a time. It’ll save you so much time and agony (and probably money).

Click here to learn more about porosity.

What other naturals suggest is advice, not law. So use your good judgment. (Of course, we are here to help because we’re all in this together).

Your natural hair journey can really be a breeze. Yes, you will (and should) look to other naturals for inspiration but you know that you must tailor their advice to what works with your hair.

All the advice, good judgment and trial and errors will pay off. You will gradually begin to see results that will set your soul on fire and one day soon, you will be the one giving great hair advice.

You joined this movement for a reason and it’s only a matter of time before all heads are turning your way because you’ve treated your hair so nicely, that they couldn’t resist looking at it. So, all because you have avoided these mistakes that stop so many.

Are you ready to get some curl envy? Now you know what to do.


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