Get long, strong, healthy and shedding free Hair with homemade GINGER mixtures.

Our hair is exposed every day to a large number of factors that can weaken it and cause different levels of damages. The sun, humidity, the use of heat, the use of chemical products, among others, can cause different hair problems such as shedding, dandruff, dryness, lack of texture among others.

Luckily, there are many ways to nourish the hair to regenerate it and make it look beautiful and healthy.


One of those good little-known allies for hair health is ginger. The root that we often use in the kitchen for different medicinal purposes can also become one of the best allies to get a great healthy hair. Do you know the benefits of ginger for your hair? Here you have some!


Benefits of Ginger for your Hair

Initially, ginger began to be used as a remedy to eliminate dandruff, later, it was discovered that its application helps to hydrate the hair, prevents it from falling and stimulates its growth.

1. Helps to stop hair loss

Ginger has circulatory, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help to improve blood circulation to prevent hair from falling.

2. Fights and avoid dandruff

Ginger is great to avoid dandruff. You can make a mixture of olive oil and ginger, which helps eliminate dandruff, moisturizes hair and prevents many problems appearance. When you make the mixture, apply it with a gentle massage all over the scalp.


3. Hydrates dry hair

If your hair is dry and needs hydration do not hesitate to use ginger to restore it. This natural ingredient works better than many conditioners and moisturizers with chemical compounds. Nourishes the hair, stimulates its regeneration and gives it shine. In addition, it helps to prevent the appearance of prematurely gray hair.

How to use ginger to improve hair?

Ginger roots can be applied in infusion as a hair rinse mix in with some oils and honey or in a mix, using pure ginger juice with vegetable oils such as sesame oil, olive oil and/or jojoba oil.



1.- Heat 1 cup of the water until it reaches the boiling point. Do not let it continue boiling.

2.- Pour the water into a container (teapot or cup) and add a ginger root after mashing it well in a mortar.

If you put the root directly, without using any type of filter, you must strain the infusion after the resting time.

3. After the rest, add the honey and the oil (s).


Ginger juice:

1. Peel the ginger root with a stainless steel spoon. This is a trick that I love 🙂 It turns out that when you peel it with the spoon you only remove the first skin from the root.

2. Grate the ginger root on the grater (always in the thinnest part of the grater).

3. Take the pulp with your hand and squeeze with the palm so that all the juice comes out and discard the fiber.

4. Then add the oil or oils that you chose for your mixture and that’s it.



Whatever method you choose the mixture should be applied throughout the scalp with gentle circular massage to penetrate well and stimulate blood circulation, which is what makes hair grow healthy. Leave the mixture act for 10 or 15 minutes and then rinse your hair as usual.

The frequent use of ginger may lighten a bit the tone of your hair depending on the color you have. To avoid this, it is recommended to mix it with sesame oil or another natural ingredient that helps preserve the original tone.

As you can see, ginger is a natural ingredient with many benefits for the health of your hair. Use it frequently and you will note the results in a very short time.


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