What You Need To Know About LOC And LCO Methods, Forget Dry Natural Hair With These 2 Great Methods.

So, how exactly do you keep natural hair moisturized? Is there a secret product or routine to keep hair hydrated? The answer is YES, you can achieve greater hydration for longer, using techniques that are different from those commonly used.

One of the biggest problems that women with natural hair complain about is how difficult it is to keep their hair moisturized or hydrated. Curly and kinky textured hair is prone to dryness; which is one of the leading causes of split ends and breakage.

We’ve researched and experimented with different techniques and found two methods that work best at keeping natural hair moisturized – The L.O.C and L.C.O. methods.

Here we will discuss these two methods and the steps you need to take in order to keep your natural hair moisturized.


Before we begin explaining the two methods mentioned above, we need to understand the basics behind properly moisturized hair.

As you may know, water is the best moisturizer. For us naturals, water is essential for moisturized hair whether you use it directly or products that are water-based; it needs to be implemented in your regimen. The problem with natural hair is that it often doesn’t retain water well, resulting in dryness.

The key to properly moisturized hair is using other products, such as oils and creams that work to seal and lock in water. This brings us to the L.O.C and L.C.O methods.


With this method, water is the liquid used for moisture and then an oil is added to hold in water molecules. Penetrating oils, such as coconut and olive oils work the best because they are able to bind with the proteins in your hair; making it difficult for water molecules to escape.

The final step in this method is applying a creamy product that closes, or seals, the hair cuticle. Jojoba oil, leave-in conditioners or styling creams or gels all make for excellent creams.



This method differs slightly from the L.O.C method described above. With the L.C.O method, the creamy product is added to the hair before the oil. This method usually works better on fine to medium 4A/B textured hair. If the oils you use don’t penetrate the hair shaft like coconut oil, then you may also have better luck with the L.C.O method. Not many natural oils penetrate the hair shaft.

Trying both methods is the best way to determine which works best for you but know that moisture has to be applied before it can be sealed by something else. Once you learn to implement your products is such a way to hold onto your moisture you will be getting closer to staving off dryness and keeping hair hydrated.

Which do you prefer, the LOC or the LCO?


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