Increase Your Hair Growth Rate With The Greenhouse Effect (GHE)

If you are anything like me, your days consist of seeking out new ways to boost your hair growth so you can hasten to that glorious head of gorgeous hair you’ve been dreaming of.

It would also mean that in your searches you may have come across some far-fetched theories that have made you go “What the heck?”

However, you have may also found some golden nuggets that you have added to your regimen and they have been working wonders for your hair.

One such hair growth method is the GHE – The Greenhouse Effect. At first, when I heard about it I had a little chuckle since my thoughts went straight to global warming and popular farming techniques.

FYI in farming, GHE is the practice of growing plants by trapping the heat in a controlled environment so I got to thinking that the principles for stimulating growth in farming must apply to stimulating hair growth as well.

Yet with hip length haired ladies saying that it has given them tremendous growth, GHE is definitely worth another look.

What Is The GHE And How Does It Work?

How did this practice gain its claim to fame? It is Meeka Jael of Real Queens, who recognized that the capillary adhesion methods employed by many YouTubers did not work for her hair and therefore decided to create a capillary method that would be easier to incorporate into her regimen.

The GHE is quite simply trapping the natural heat from your own body with plastic wrap or a shower cap, so as to create the perfect environment for the pores on your scalp and the follicles to open up, allowing for the growth rate to increase.

It is recommended that you massage oil into the hair to enhance the circulation which will boost the stimulation of the cells once the shower cap is put in place.

However, unlike another popular hair growth technique the inversion method, oil is not a must for success with the GHE method. You can use just water or a mixture of water and glycerin to lightly mist the hair until it is just damp, and the same results will be achieved.

This is usually done overnight but if you are at home during the day there is no rule that says it can’t be done then too.

Benefits of the GHE Method

► The GHE stimulates hair growth and has been proven to double and even triple the normal growth rate.

► It naturally softens hair, making it more manageable and lessens friction between the strands.

► It is perfect for keeping dryness in check.

► It aids in curl definition for those with curly hair.

► It makes it easier to seal moisture into your strands.


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