9 Ways to Use Coconut Oil on Natural Hair, I love the last one!

As most naturalists know, oil is good for natural hair. However, what oil exactly should you be using for your ‘do? There more common are olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and of course, coconut oil. Although they all moisturize and do great things for your hair, why do most naturals use coconut oil?

There are so many benefits to using coconut oil for your hair, so here we brought 9 great uses of this oil for you; keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Deep Conditioning

One of the best ways to use coconut oil in your hair is by using it as a deep conditioner. For a more effective result, spritz water on hair, and make sure it’s not dripping wet. Apply thoroughly through your mane, using your fingertips to massage it all the way to the roots. Cover hair and go on with your day. If you’d like to do a longer treatment, apply coconut oil right before bed. When you wake up, rinse and style as usual.

2. Seal Ends

On those days when Mother Nature likes to serve us with harsh weather, use coconut oil to protect your ends. The oil will keep your ends from taking a hit from that wind chill. On days when it’s not raining and you want to show off your new growth, seal your ends! That growth won’t continue if the ends are damaged. Be sure to protect them with coconut oil.

3. Heat Protectant

Every few months, you start to crack. So you straighten your hair. Which is okay occasionally, if you’re taking precautions. Look for heat protectant sprays that include coconut oil. Coconut oil based sprays blend the best and leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

The oil can also be used to protect hair from the sun’s harsh rays in the summer. During the summer, the sun can leave your hair very dry and brittle. Use coconut oil as a sheet to protect your hair and keep it moisturized all summer long.

4. Frizz control

If you notice that your hair is constantly frizzy, use coconut oil to fight it! Rub about a dime size of the oil in your hair. You’ll see the frizz reduce itself, day by day.

Because coconut oil is not too thick, it is able to keep your baby hairs and fly- aways down at all times. Say goodbye to wearing your workout headband to bed to keep your edges in place!

5. Give Natural Shine

Instead of using artificial products such as silicones to give your hair that “healthy shine”, use coconut oil. The oil will give your hair a natural shine that will actually leave it healthy. Unlike silicones, coconut oil does not sit on top of your hair. The molecules in the oil are small enough to deeply penetrate your hair so that it’ll shine all the way through! The coconut oil won’t weigh down your hair like silicones do. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch!

6. Avoid Static

As great as silk and satin caps and pillow cases are, they can sometimes leave us to wake up to static hair. To avoid this from happening, massage some coconut oil into your scalp and remember, a dime size goes a long way! There is no need to drench your hair in oil. Unless you’re going for that “Drunk in love” look.

7. Prevent Dry Scalp

If you suffer from dry scalp and dandruff, coconut oil is your new best friend! Because the oil is mostly liquid based, it will soak into your scalp giving you constant moisture (and preventing dandruff) all day long. Unlike other oils, coconut oil doesn’t have to be re-applied daily. Try re-applying perhaps every two to three days for constant moisture.

8. Decrease Protein Loss

Protein is an absolute need when it comes to growing strong, healthy, natural hair. Coconut oil is one of the only oils that reduces protein loss on natural hair when it’s being shampooed/co-washed. If coconut oil is applied before and after washing, the oil will penetrate deeply into hair stands; protecting hair of its natural protein instead of stripping hair of it.

9. Detangling

Many naturals are saving their money on conditioners filled with sulfate and switching to liquid form coconut oil as a detangler. The oil is “slippery” enough to allow your comb to glide through your strands with ease, making it the perfect detangler. Once you finish detangling, you can leave the oil in your hair and allow it to work some magic.

Through all of these uses for your hair, it’s easy to say that coconut oil is magic. How can you live without it?! There’s nothing quite like it. Stop spending money on artificial products for “guaranteed satisfaction” and get yourself a jar of coconut oil! You won’t regret it, promise.


Note: coconut oil has protein so it does not work perfectly on all manes, because regardless of the texture of your hair you may have some sensitivity to proteins.


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