5 Reasons Why your Products are not Working well on your natural hair.

Occasionally we feel that the products we use are not causing the effects we expect in our hair. If it is a new product, it may not be the right one for you, but if it happens to you with products that you have used before or with all the products you try, then there is a problem to solve.

Sometimes, it’s not the product it’s you! Your products may be perfectly fine but you may need to make some adjustments. Otherwise, you will not have success with any products that you use.

These are 5 things you need to do in order to let your products work on your hair as they should.

1. Use Clarifying Shampoo

If you have too much buildup in your hair, it will be hard for your product to work effectively. Which is why sometimes, like monthly or every other week, you need to use a clarifying shampoo even if you normally prefer co-washing or using a moisturizing shampoo. Clarifying will help you to start with a clean slate that will give you the chance to see the full effect of your products in action.

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2. Use Chelating Shampoo

While clarifying and chelating shampoos may be similar in purpose, these shampoos are meant for different situations. The clarifying one is used to fight off hair-related issues brought on by product buildup as we said before, and the chelating is for hard water buildup.

Hard water will expose your hair to harsh mineral deposits that will make your hair dry. Your products in all likelihood may not have what it takes to fight this dryness. Therefore, if you believe you have a hard water problem, the best way you can combat this issue is to use a chelating shampoo that will work to remove these deposits from your hair and consider investing in a water filter.

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3. Trim those ends

When your ends are in bad shape the best thing that you can do is remove them. No product that you use can resolve this, as once your ends are damaged the only thing you can do to repair your hair is remove them. Split ends will give your hair a really unhealthy looking appearance and no product can cover this up. It doesn’t matter how amazing the product is!


4. Use water instead of adding more product all time

Often times we turn to adding more product to our hair if it feels dry when sometimes more product isn’t the answer. The problem with this is after a while if you keep layering product upon product all you are doing is creating buildup in your hair. Sometimes, it is better to spritz your hair as needed with water. Doing this will reactivate the product and help it to better penetrate your hair.


5. Use LOC or LCO Method

Using the LOC (Leave-In, Oil, and Cream) or LCO method helps you to seal in moisture by using a layering system. For the LOC, you first start with wet hair, then an oil and seal in all the layers with a Leave-in conditioner.

For the LCO you just have to interchange the last two steps.

Click here to see a great article about these methods.

Make these modifications and you should see a big difference in the effectiveness of your products. If you have good ones!

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By Ariane Williams via Natural Hair Rules!
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