KinkyFro is a website dedicated to sharing content that helps Curly, Coily and Kinky girls to take good care of there hair.

Our philosophy

KinkyFro Blog knows that all curlies of the world can wear their natural hair, take care of it and keep it in the best conditions and all they need is to know how to do it.

We are dedicated to sharing content through our social networks and this website that helps curlies around the world to look like they want to look.

Really beautiful, natural and free.

We do not promote stereotypes, although we know they exist and they have done a lot of damage to the female gender for generations.

We only want the women of the world to live without social ties, complexes or prejudices.

Our pride is to see how each coily girl rocks its naturalness in a unique way.

Our history

In 2017, KinkyFro Blog emerged as a bilingual natural hair magazine (English and Spanish), despite the magazine’s boom, certain natural complications of a bilingual space led to a separation of the languages, dividing the magazine in February 2018.

Now, KinkyFro Blog only shares content in English while Hola Rizos Blog is the new magazine for content in Spanish.

Next steps…

Study your hair and you will win, nobody is born knowing and every day we have an opportunity to learn more.

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